Hot Styles Under $60

under 60

We all have a little voice inside saying buy the shoes, you need the shoes! If you’re anything like me my little inside voice tells me all the time. Every week it’s a new style or color I crave! Now I’ve found the perfect solution to your spending problem, amazing shoes under $60! Yes, I know it’s hard to believe but you can have it all – quality, style, and not break the bank!

Shoes Under $60

Top Beauty Trends of 2015

Thanks to a few fabulous top makeup artists and their celebrity icon clients, we are stocked on information of 2015′s beauty trends, secrets, and tips!

Celeb Beauty Icons

We’re now blessed with the knowledge of wild and crazy treatments¬†like injectible cleavage, which of course is super temporary around 48 hours (a new process is starting that will last up to 12 months) and butt facials, or “bacials” for short, to smooth and tighten the booty.

Beauty Finds

Another trend we’re seeing is something along the lines of fake it until you make it. If you want flawless skin you should start using these items to get it. We need a top of the line contour kit, translucent loose setting powder, thick bamboo foundation brush, 3D buildable mascara, a great blending sponge, and a finishing spray.


Flawless, natural skin takes time so treat it well.

The Best of the SAG Awards

SAG Awards

Every year stars gather for the annual SAG Awards to celebrate and congratulate each other on how well they have done with a super lavish ceremony. There are no hosts, which means a quicker line to the after parties. That’s what I’m talking about! Even though the event passed quickly, there was no lack of humor. I loved seeing Jennifer Aniston crack a joke, and her fiance Justin looking hot as can be¬†as he laughed along. And let’s not forget Uzo Aduba’s adorable reaction to winning her SAG Award. Everyone looked amazing but these are a few of my favorites.

SAG Awards Celebrities

SAG Awards Celebrities 2