5 Songs Named after Heels

I found five songs with the word “Heels” in the title. Here are the songs and heels making a debut together!

Can you name FIVE songs that mention or are named after Heels? There are so many out there, but I CHALLENGE you to name at least one I haven’t mentioned!! Right click a song title and open in a new window (all YouTube), so that you can VIEW the shoes, meanwhile, HEAR the music!

1. LOLA “High Heels.”

Naughty Monkey Striking Pump


2. Day 26 “Your Heels.”

Swaggaa 4 1/2 Heels


3. ABBA “Head Over Heels.”

Naughty Monkey Honey Heels


4. Keri Hilson “High Heels.”

Jessica Simpson Kianna Bootie

kianna bootie

5.Bryan Hyland “Four Little Heels.”

Naughty Monkey Dayliner Heels


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  2. Denise   •  

    Suleika–That’s a good one. That didn’t cross my mind. Have you heard Ray J’s “Blue High Heels?” ;)

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