1. bella   •  

    Haha yes pointe shoes are certanalty a torture device when you live in the, everyday they definatly feel like torture

  2. niya   •  

    i wish i could have all does pointe soes for ballet

  3. twinkletoes   •  

    Ahh, but the blisters and bruises from pointe shoes are completely worth it when you really love what you’re doing.

  4. YellowRoseToes   •  

    Definitely! I’ve only been dong pointe for 3 years, but I love it. The blisters are easy to manage when you imagine taking center stage.

  5. ballerina   •  

    ilike ballet shoes (pointe)

  6. Rachael   •  

    Ballet is so beautiful, unlike your feet after wearing pointes. But I’ve been on pointe for 8 years now and it’s all I do. These shoes are very nice. My favorite pointes I own are sparkly and red. (I was Dorothy in our version of The Wizard of Oz)

  7. i   •  

    this picture reminds me of the wonderful colors of dance. your emotions and feelings are expressed through the movement of your body. my name meta and i am a dancer(i am also on pointe)

  8. kitty   •  

    I love these. It’s only torture to me because I can’t get my hands on them!!! They are so pretty! :)

  9. bailey   •  

    i love those colors!!!!! I only have pink

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