I think every woman wants to don a pair of 4-5″ heels and be able to strut through their city’s streets effortlessly.  Many women don’t seem to realize that walking with ease in skyscraper heels is a learning process, one that requires tools to help you get there.

Bicycles have training wheels and young women have training bras.  So for those of us wanting to jump in to great heights, why shouldn’t we buy training heels?  In Such Great Heights, I advocate buying heels in a variety of heights, both for happy heels, ankles, and feet, but also for training purposes.

Here I’ve compiled a list of shoes, all with a 3″ or less heel that are hip, stylish, and great preparation for jumping in to those stilettos!

The Brindle Heels boots by Report have a 2″ covered wedge, creating a discrete lift while providing a manageable height to walk in.

Corso Como is, by far, one of the most comfortable shoe brands I’ve ever worn, from flats to 4″ heels. I’ve been lusting a bit after the Carson Mary Jane; with its 3″ wedge, it goes from a day at the office to a night of dancing with a change of skirt & shirt.

Also by Corso Como is the Cab Boot. With a delicate, stiletto heel that measures in at just under 3″, it’s a deceptive way to look more coordinated and sexy.

Despite being the High Heels blog, there are many amazing options on Heels.com for that all ring in between 1.5-3″.  Not too high, and great practice for those skyscraping nights!

2 Comments on A Good Training Heel

  1. Julia
    March 21, 2009 at 12:21 pm (7 years ago)

    What a great concept! I love the idea of “training heels” — the first two I think I can do, but the 3rd pair of boots might still be a challenge — am I pathetic of what?!? 😉

  2. Christy
    October 22, 2010 at 10:28 am (6 years ago)

    Thats cool! But i have one question what about the starting low. people want to train their heels for 4 inch and 5 inch heels, but with out the costly price of having to buy a level up pair. Is thee a high heels shoe kit, where you could just add on the size heel?

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