Baby it’s Cold Outside, Warm Up in Furry Boots!

I don’t know about you ladies, but when the temps start dropping I find footwear to be a challenge. On one hand you want to be stylish, but should you freeze for fashion? Probably not. Unfortunately snuggling on the couch all winter in a Snuggie and UGG boots in not an option. Unless you work from home, then I won’t tell if you don’t. Not only is it hard to find fashionable cold weather footwear, add a little snow into the mix and you really have a challenge. The solution? Why boots with the fur, of course! Keep your feet warm and toasty all winter long in these fashionable, yet functional furry styles:

Not Rated Dats Who in Taupe

Marciano Chandra in Black Multi Suede

Iron Fist Lamb Chop Fug Boot in Purple

Ukala Jamie in Chocolate

Not Rated Fuzz Fanatic in Taupe

Michael Antonio Mahari in Black

Michelle has a passion for fashion and all things glamorous and at only 5'1", you'll be hard pressed to find her in anything but heels! By day, Michelle serves the public as an urban designer, but in her spare time you can catch her blogging, shopping, or running the beautiful streets of the Queen City.

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