Kristin Cavallari Has Been Busy

Kristin Cavallari is currently expecting her third baby, right on the heels of giving birth to her second and first child.  You go mama!  But she’s also been busy with her other baby, her beautiful Kristin Cavallari shoe collection.  She teamed up with Chinese Laundry to design some very trendy and highly wearable shoes, all within a price range that most divas can get with.  Check out this interview with Kristin in 2014, where she describes the design process and the inspiration for her collection.



We have lots of favorites from the Kristin Cavallari collection, but here are just a few that we crave.  We look forward to seeing what else Kristin Cavallari has in store for the shoe world, and can’t wait to see more pictures of her growing family!  Congratulations, Kristin!

Kristin Cavallari, Ginger Kid Suede – $169.99

Kristin Cavallari, Light Black Lea – $129.99

Kristin Cavallari, Luscious New Nude – $159.99

Kristin Cavallari, Cadence Floral – $109.99

Kristin Cavallari, Grace Silver – $85.99

New Styles From GX

In the words of Gwen Stefani herself, “Hollaback girl. Cool, bubble pop, electric……,”  these styles sure represent that lifestyle!

If the minimalist look isn’t you, be sure to check out these hot new GX styles by this little sister brand of L.A.M.B. You are sure to be dubbed the “cool” girl! HOLLA!!!!!!

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