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Our Top 5 Favorite Fashion bloggers

Over the past decade, these independent publishers have become quite popular in the fashion industry. From landing major campaigns and collaborations with well-known brands, to becoming regular guests on TV shows like “Today” and “America’s Next Top Model,” they have successfully turned their blogs into multimillion-dollar businesses. Although it’s hard to narrow our list, today we want to give a shout out to our carefully chosen top 5 swoon worthy fashion bloggers. Each of these bloggers inspire us with their unique style, we love authenticity!

Jane Aldridge, Sea of Shoes

Founder and style blogger at Sea of Shoes, Jane is a fashion, beauty, and art blogger in Dallas, Texas. She ranks in the upper echelons of a new breed in the world of high fashion: the outsider armed with an internet connection, a digital camera, and fresh style. Sea of Shoes features daily photos of Jane wearing a wacky-sexy mix of thrift-store designer blouses, tight jeans, and of course, over-the-top footwear. She isn’t afraid to push the limits of fashion and think outside of the box, how refreshing! The captions are brief and girly— and we absolutely love it! She always takes risks, which is another characteristic of her style that we adore. She constantly mixes different textures, colors and silhouettes together making her outfits stand out from the crowd. We are always excited to see how she styles new trends, and are sure to take notes from this boundary pushing style maven.

Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad

This 27-year-old Italian, who now lives in Los Angeles, has the broadest reach of any individual fashion blogger on our list – topping more than 3 million Instagram followers! Her everyday style exudes casual elegance, and is always on point with what’s trending. She mixes of-the-moment trends with her signature style including cut off denim, crop tops and her signature golden locks. She’s a global star, as popular in Europe as she is in the U.S., The Blonde Salad is a real source of inspiration and style for millions of people in Italy and around the world. Her looks are natural and never seem forced, not to mention her constant travels give us some serious wanderlust! Chiara collaborates with major Fashion Houses and she appears in the most read magazines. She is the creative director of her shoe line that is made in Italy, and she has been named by Business of Fashion as one of the most influential personalities of the international fashion world. Whoa… You go girl!

Aimee Song, Song of Style

Aimee, 28, is a Los Angeles-based interior designer whose straightforward street-style shots have made her popular with brands and readers alike. Aimee’s personal style has made her a star, beautifully balancing L.A street style with classic silhouettes. She is the ultimate mix-master and creates unique looks with ease. Whether she’s going to brunch in Downtown L.A or dancing the night away across the pond her outfits are always flawlessly put together and she never disappoints. This babe also has an incredible Instagram following — 1.9 million — and has worked hard to build her YouTube audience as well, with more than 28,000 subscribers to her channel. Aimee Song is unstoppable. Not only does she have an incredibly successful blog but she just started her very own casual tee shirt line, Two Songs, with her sister Dani. The line’s motto is, “Be the best version of yourself” – love that! The future is bright for these two and we can’t wait to see what they conquer next in the fashion world!

Kimberly Lyn, The Souls of my Shoes

Kimberly had us at, “You can never have enough shoes, especially black ones”. Like us, she fully understands that shoes speak a language to the heart and each pair has something to say. The Souls of my Shoes is a blog Kimberly started in 2009 to serve as a creative and intellectual outlet after she rediscovered her love for fashion. She provides insights about fashion with a concentration on footwear, which we couldn’t help but adore. She has been featured in publications such as FLARE magazine,, Much Music, The Kit, and the Toronto Star. In addition, NOW Magazine named her as one of the next up and coming Toronto fashion bloggers! She knows a whole lot about fashionable shoes and we love that we can gain so much knowledge from her!

Ashley, Pursuit of Shoes

She is an LA girl born and raised. Graduating from USC in 2008 with an Accounting Degree, Ashley went straight to work after she completed school. After two years of work at Big 4 Accounting Firm, she decided to follow her heart and jump into fashion! We admire her huge shoe obsession, it’s something we both have in common. Her style is also similar to ours, sexy yet sophisticated. She is able to rock a fitted midi-dress like no other and is never afraid to show just a little bit of skin. She loves lace, denim and body hugging silhouettes. She is so personable, relatable, and inspirational. It’s safe to say we have all been there when Ashley said, “When I see a shoe I absolutely love, it literally takes my breath away”. Know the feeling?? Ashley describes her shoe obsession as beginning in high school, or possibly earlier, giving blame to the 12 years of private school uniforms, and only “predominately all black or white” tennis shoes allowed. That could make a girl go shoe crazy! She writes about beautiful shoes, amazing shoe sales, celebrity shoe choices, and much more!



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Gigi Hadid has inspired our style obsession! The model quickly stole people’s attention in 2015 with her casual-cool street style and her ultra-sexy chic looks. Sure, she may be new to fame, but Gigi has risen up to become a style icon and she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! (yay!) This girl has a true grasp on fashion and knows how to construct a polished ensemble from head to toe. Get a similar look like Gigi and go get some black leather pants and a leather jacket! Spice up your look with some cute animal print & pointed- toe booties to make your look edgier! Or, take her classy and chic route and stick with neutral colors. Add ankle strap heals to that business attire and rock some sparkle that can liven up those neutrals! Get out there and try her style yourself!


Miresa - Black Wistful - Black Smoky - Black Poe - Black
Diana Cut Std Shrt 77977 - Blk Malika - Black Suede Sahib - Tump Brush Black Baia - Black Leather



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Okay, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is no joke! Is there anything that she can’t do? This supermodel knows exactly how to work whatever she is wearing, no matter the occasion. We absolutely LOVE this top model’s sense of style! Her classy, sophisticated yet edgy look is what captivates us! From her on-trend accessories which compliment her casual looks to her dose of 1970’s glamour. During these cold winter days she puts together yet more effortless, flawless looks. How to get her style, you ask? Try spicing up your denim skinnies and white t-shirt with over-the-knee boots, wool pea coat or blanket scarf! Add additional accessories to spice it up too, like oversized sunglasses, a leather satchel, or even a cute wool fedora! Here at we know you can never own too many accessories. What are your favorite accessories to add to a casual daytime look?


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