Big City Living, Big City Style

City Living

How many of you live in the city? Don’t you love it? I enjoy waking up every day feeling the energy and possibilities of this beloved city (Charlotte, NC). For those of you who don’t live in the city but want chic city style we’ve got you covered too!

Alive After Five

We love neon accents, black and white, block heels, stilettos.

City Look

City Look 2

Ankle strap heels and clogs are awesome for walks around the city.

City Look 4

City Look 5

Fall Wardrobe Update

It’s that time of year you start thinking about switching up your wardrobe to the super amazing Fall and Winter clothes you have (and the new ones you will buy). Recently, I started cleaning out my closet and to no surprise, had a ton of things I will never wear again. As I began sorting through my piles I realized some of my old sweaters and boots were in not so great condition but there’s really no need to get rid of them. I took the several pair of boots I have to my local shoe repair shop and got them cleaned up. You can dye your shoes there, get them polished, have sole replacements inserted, and lots more awesome things to make your boots feel like new! I was so excited after getting my shoes refurbished that I pulled out my jackets and sweaters I put away for the warmer seasons and got all of them dry cleaned. I feel like I have a new wardrobe!! #WINNING

photo 3 (2)

You can freshen up most fabrics, suede’s, or leather’s.