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This burst of warm weather isn’t going to last long in the middle of winter, so be sure you have your winter essentials to look warm and chic this season. Do you ever see those girls who just look perfect no matter how cold and below freezing it is outside? They have the cute gloves with a coordinating hat and scarf, then the adorable coat and classic shoes. Yeah, I see them too and I want to be one of them. Trendy, effortless and remaining warm seems hard to pull off but with these few helpful ingredients you will be styling in no time.

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Blogger Style, Winter Edition

Ski Bunny Style

Snow Bunny Polyvore

I love taking a great winter trip! Do you? There are so many places to visit in many states across the US and international countries. All you have to do is make a quick Google search for locations near you like this ski resort about two hours from me! Whether you live for it or have never been and want to try it, I have a few style tips to keep you looking hot while on the slopes, or sipping hot tottie’s in the jacuzzi.

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Tip: If you aren’t one of us girls buying the $50 thermal leggings, you can double up your everyday leggings for extra warmth. (Put those Victoria’s Secret sweats to work)

Tip: If you are going to spend the money, buy a good brand (Burton, North Face)

Tip: If you rent equipment be sure to get sized properly so you have less accidents

Tip: Pair cute underclothes to wear while you grab lunch or hang around the lodge

Tip: Wear practical and comfortable footwear

Snow Boots

Snow Boots 2

Clearance: Buy one Get one Free

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