Real vs. Steal

Privileged has really out done themselves with this one!  Steal this season’s most feminine look with the Marnie, only $79.99!!!

Compare to the pricey Aminah Abdul Jillil designer look-a-like which is a whopping $250.  Steal of a deal for sure!


Red Hot Amber Heard

We have a girl crush this week on Amber Heard – the new bride of the quirky stud muffin, Johnny Depp (meow!).  She oozes coolness, and her style is always on point.  We’re especially loving this red hot look with the little black dress and red pumps – there’s nothing better than letting your shoes bring the “BAM” to your outfit!  They’re the perfect accessory!


Want to dress like Mrs. Depp without that celebrity pricetag?  Look no more, we’ve got you covered!  Although you’re on your own when finding a Johnny Depp lookalike.  (Let us know if you do!).

Check out these killer red heels that will help you achieve this red hot Amber Heard style!

Jessica Simpson, Claudette Lipstick – $79.99 (selling fast!)

Liliana, Misty Ace Red – $54.99 (steal of a deal!)

BCBG Tricky Passion – $94.99 (perfect d’orsay!)

BCBG Devine, True Red – $249.99 (fashion splurge!)

Mrs. Clooney Style

Amal Clooney is a beauty, no doubt – and with brains (and a hot hubby) to boot!  Her style is always impeccable, and we can’t help but spy these super cute peep toe booties.  Uhm, can someone say HOT!  Even when she’s dressed down, she’s still looking regal and chic.

She’s definitely got style to spare, and some pretty fine shoes (and a fine husband too, did we say that?!).


Check out these killer peep toe booties similar to the designer pair that Mrs. Clooney is seen sporting around.

Rebels, Haight in Black – $119.99 (goes with anything!)

Fergie, Cleo 2 in Black – $59.99 (great low price!)

Qupid, Yvette in Black – $59.99 (budget friendly!)

Guess, Candie in Black Multi – $149.99 (hotness on fleek!)