Meet Our Staff: Olga


This week say hello to Olga! She is one of our incredible models here at! Olga moved to the United States from Moldova as a student. In her free time she loves to hangout by the pool with her friends and read psychology books. Plus she is an amazing ballroom dancer!

Today Olga is rocking the “Loew” sandals from Circus by Sam Edelman!


Transition Your Winter Wardrobe to Spring

Winter to Spring Transitions 2

Winter to Spring Transitions

Happy first day of spring everyone! I am so over the moon excited for farmer’s market Saturday mornings, outdoor runs, and most of all my spring wardrobe! This weekend I’m working on clearing out my heavy winter clothes to finally store them away for the season. During this transition period we¬†may experience super warm days in the 80s or cooler days in the 40s-50s, so I must utilize those key transitional pieces well. A few light flowy sweaters to throw on over my dresses and open toe booties will do the trick. How are you going to transition your wardrobe?

Top Beauty Trends of 2015

Thanks to a few fabulous top makeup artists and their celebrity icon clients, we are stocked on information of 2015’s beauty trends, secrets, and tips!

Celeb Beauty Icons

We’re now blessed with the knowledge of wild and crazy treatments¬†like injectible cleavage, which of course is super temporary around 48 hours (a new process is starting that will last up to 12 months) and butt facials, or “bacials” for short, to smooth and tighten the booty.

Beauty Finds

Another trend we’re seeing is something along the lines of fake it until you make it. If you want flawless skin you should start using these items to get it. We need a top of the line contour kit, translucent loose setting powder, thick bamboo foundation brush, 3D buildable mascara, a great blending sponge, and a finishing spray.


Flawless, natural skin takes time so treat it well.