The Shoe Guide for Your Best Prom Ever

If you are in high school during this time of year, there is only one thing on your mind: Prom! All of the prepping, for your hair and makeup, the dress, accessories, and of course, shoes, is all going to be worth it once prom night arrives.

I remember sitting in class daydreaming about the perfect night I will have in a few months when suddenly I realized I still had not found my prom shoes – it was crunch time! As I went from store to store, trying on every pair available nothing seemed to work. Then, one day I found the most amazing pair of Guess heels that would be THE hottest shoes at prom. I called all of my girlfriends to brag about my find; I couldn’t wait to show them off! The truth is, when you look good you feel good, and who doesn’t want that?

Vintage Glamour Prom Shoes

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Happy prom season girls! 



Heel of the Week: ALDO Ocaria

ALDO Ocaria - Bluette, Light Yellow, and Black


Open up the outfit opportunities with the Ocaria. This divine pump by ALDO delivers a classic pump with a twist, including textured detailing and an architectural vamp. An ideal heel for both work and play, the Ocaria complements almost anything in your wardrobe from denim to dresses and everything in between. Add some oomph to your outfit with the Ocaria in one of three hues from Or why not grab one of each color of this versatile pump?!

ALDO Ocaria in Bluette
ALDO Ocaria in Light Yellow
ALDO Ocaria in Black

Hell on Heels: Halloween 2013

Hell on High Heels: Halloween 2013

Devilish divas, have you considered your costume for Halloween 2013?

Our creative team has plenty of costumes ideas to share with you, ranging from sexy to spooky to down-right silly. We also have a few tips for piecing your Halloween costume together this year. P.S. We call it Heel-o-Ween. Shoes first. Always.

1. Save money on your costume; save some dollars to shop for fabulous shoes!

Ladies, don’t let your good shopping dollars go to waste on something you will wear only one time! Shop your closet first. You may already have something to wear. Pre-packaged Halloween costumes are expensive. You can spend easily $50-$100 on an ill-fitting costume that you will never wear again. If you think outside of the box, you will find a Halloween costume that is totally unique and memorable. Plus, if you save money on your costume, you can spend that money on a great pair of high heels that you can wear many times over!

For example: Wear a red hot dress, like one that you may already own, for a near instant Betty Boop transformation! Pair with cherry red heels, like “Lookie” by TaylorSays! VOILÀ.


Betty Boop Halloween Costume; featuring “Lookie” by TaylorSays.



2. Create costumes inspired by your favorite movie/tv characters!

If you want to look like a character from your favorite movie or TV show, you don’t have to perfectly replicate their look. Instead of seeking to have the exact same outfit, get inspired by their style. Dress “as if” you were that character on any old day.

For example: You could dress “AS IF”  you are Alicia Silverstone as Cher in the cult-classic movie “Clueless.”  To get the look, wear a plaid mini skirt, knee high stockings, and load up on extra shopping bags to have that freshly shop-til-you-dropped appearance. *Bonus points* if you can score an early 90′s cellular phone that looks like a brick! The high heel match for this costume? Mary-janes, duh!!!

Alicia Silverstone as Cher in “Clueless” Halloween Costume; featuring “Iva” by JustFab.



3. Seek out thrift/vintage stores for historic period costumes!

Another way to save money is to shop for costume pieces at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. You can also score great finds at antique, vintage, or thrift stores. Last year, I found a lovely yellow 1950′s  cocktail dress. I dolled it up with some pearls and dressed as a “Stepford Wife” for Halloween. I even won 2nd prize in a costume contest! To re-create a genuine period costume, get thrifty and find vintage pieces to make the look authentic!

For example: After the release of “The Great Gatsby” this year, we will probably be seeing a lot of roaring 1920′s era, flapper-inspired costumes. Dress like the glamorous Daisy Buchanan in a sequin shift dress. Pair with “Gardenia” by Fergie. They are the perfect match for this look. Stunning!

Daisy Buchanan The Great Gatsby Costume

Daisy Buchanan from “The Great Gatsby” Costume; featuring “Gardenia” by Fergie.



4. Don’t be afraid to be a little silly!!!

Find inspiration from every corner. You don’t have to dress in the cliché  costumes. You know what I’m talking about. How many sexy devils, sexy cats, sexy firefighters, sexy “whatevers” are already out there on Halloween?

For example: One of the silliest ideas we thought of this year was to dress up like ‘maneki-neko’, or the popularly known ‘lucky cat’. This is a Japanese figurine that is a  symbol for luck and is often found in stores to bring prosperity. Pair a green top, a choker, and some pink cat ears to achieve this look. Also, you have to wear “Calico” by TaylorSays!!! The lucky cat is actually on the bottom of those heels! How cute would it be to match like that?

Lucky Cat Costume

‘Maneki-neko’ or ‘Lucky Cat’ costume; featuring “Calico” by TaylorSays.


We hope you like these fun  Halloween costume ideas from! Don’t forget to treat yourself to a pair of cute high heels to wear with your costume!!! 

Share your thoughts in the comments below! Have a happy & safe Halloween! xoxo