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Michelle Jones me
Michelle has a passion for fashion and all things glamourous and at only 5’1", you’ll be hard pressed to find her in anything but heels! By day, Michelle serves the public as an urban designer, but in her spare time you can catch her blogging, shopping, or running the beautiful streets of the Queen City. Michelle’s blog, PinQue, developed from her love of fashion and shopping and her goal of making the Queen City more fashionable one outfit at a time!   

Twitter - PinQueenCity

Denise Gregory
haliDenise is a graduate of Appalachian State University who holds a BA English, Professional Writing. She is most proud of her freelance writing and styling projects: Elevate Lifestyle, Entertainment Editor; Signatures Boutique, model and stylist; and Playdate-Charlotte, marketing. Most recently, she’s finished editing her first manuscript about the entrapment of sexual orientation and preference. She hopes that Beyond Temptation goes to print soon. When she’s not freelancing and or blogging, she works as an Advertising Information Systems Coordinator for three Hearst Publications including the fashion magazine, Marie Claire.
Anna Bassham
smittenAnna has always had a passion for heels and shoes, only recently did she put her creativity to work by blogging about shoe fashion. Her blog,,was born out of her desire to learn more about shoe trends and the designers behind them, and to be a resource for other shoe nuts.                  

Twitter - Shoesmitten

Hali Bernstein
hali25 year old female, living in Philadelphia (Go Eagles!).     Needs to join Shoe Addicts Anonymous (Nordstrom and Jessica Simpson being her biggest weaknesses).            

Also writes for

Laura Coronado
lollieshoppingLollie Shopping is Laura Coronado, a fashion-obsessed, marketing copywriter/editor based in Las Vegas.           

Read her blog at

Twitter - Lollieshopping

Julia DiNardo
juliadJulia DiNardo has been a fashion and beauty writer for the past five years, writing for such magazines as Redbook, Clear, and GQ, and online sites BussBuss, Sheckys, StoreAdore, BagSnob, and CoutureSnob.           

Check out Julia’s site,, for breaking fashion news, amazing shopping finds, and style advice.

Twitter - Fashionpulse

Brenda Gomez
brenBren Lee Gomez firmly believes that you can change your life just by changing your shoes – after all, the higher the heel, the closer to God.           

She also impatiently awaits the day when her closet is full of Louboutins.

Twitter - Ohbrenlee

Sherri Jones
sherriSherri is a recent college graduate with a BA in Psychology. In a constant pursuit of knowledge and new experiences she finds her greatest enjoyment in reading, writing, and social networking. She classifies herself as having a "go getter" mentality because everything is possible with determination, motivation and a vision.           

Feel free to visit her personal blog at

Twitter - Go_Getter

Ashleigh McHenry
ashleigh1AshPash is a 28-year old graphic designer, risk-taker and booty-shaker headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Her obsessions include music, movies, singing, surfing, and of course, shoes.  She shares an apartment with her boyfriend, Mr. Pash, their dog Pumpkin, and more pairs of heels than she’d admit.            

Read more of her work and ranting at 

Twitter - Ashpash

Nadia Nascimento
naleiNadia resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. She loves to make movies, eat french food, and play old jazz. She is a Media Maven and of course has a love of shoes.           



Princess Poochie
poochieLiving in designer fashion exile, at least UPS delivers.        

Thinking about shoes when I should be doing other things.


Twitter - PrincessPoochie

Alice Pope
aliceAlice Pope is an book editor by day, shopper by night. She currently owns about 90 pairs of shoes and counting (not including a bin of flip flops and several pairs of sneakers).           

She also blogs as Material Girl at

Twitter - Alicepope

Ashe Mischief 
asheAshe Mischief is a fancy girl whose great loves include: dancing all night, unicorns, the 1980s and, of course, beautiful shoes. When she grows up, she wants to be Princess Tutu Stalker of the Unicorn Ranch           

Website/BlogDramatis Personae 

Twitter - Ashemischief

Anna Yu
annaAnna loves all things fashion, food, and technology. As a huge news junkie, you can find her anytime catching up on the latest blogs, magazines, and major newspapers. Otherwise, she is window shopping all over San Francisco and online! Anna appreciates a simple sense of style and envies the cast of Mad Men and Gossip Girl for their amazing wardrobes.           


Twitter - Annajyu

Rachael Keck
asheRachael is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Missouri pursuing a career in Public Relations for the Fashion/Beauty industry. While she is always working on one project or another related to Public Relations, her heart is always in the world of fashion. 


Twitter - rkeck

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