It’s been an amazing long week for me, and all I can think of today is “guiltless comfort.” It seems that I almost never like leaving the house unless I’m in heels. Or I’m putting myself on all kinds of food and calorie intake restrictions, so that I can maintain this curvy figure.

High Heel Wearing Divas, I urge you, if you’ve been putting yourself on all kinds of limitations this week, to stop depriving yourself and find your “guiltless comfort.” Now, it’s only comfort when you’re not feeling guilty about it. Am I right?

Whenever you get the chance, do these top 5 things today!

1. Eat your favorite comfort food. For me, that’s Chinese. I’ve gotta find P.F. Changs very soon.

2. Exchange the heels for wedges or flats. Like these Kelsi Dagger Tamantha w/snake print!

Kelsi Dagger Tamatha - White P. Snake

3. Twitter through your favorite episode or show!

4. Feel free to let your hair down or tie it up.  Whatever’s comfortable for you. I like it down and all over my head. And to tame it afterwards, I love to shop for my favorite hair products at Ulta, for there’s always a sale!

5. Stay up doing something you love. It could be anything: bar hopping, dining with friends/family, watching “oldies but goodies” (movies), reading a book/magazine, or journaling. Honestly, these are all my favorites. Remember it is the weekend, work and worries should be off your mind in a journal.

Click on the martini to find an intriguing venue in your area.

Most importantly, remember, whatever you choose to do, do it with style. Dress up and get to it, Divas! I hope that your weekend is a great one as I intend mine to be!

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