Heels, Grocery Store … Game Time

Every Sunday, after church, I go to the grocery store. I’m usually in my “praise” attire and some cute, funky heels. As soon as I hit the meat section, I find a plethora of guys in the grocery store, picking up wings and chips for another one of their football shindigs. And there I am shopping for Sunday’s dinner and snacks for the girls! No game day at my house! I’m not a football kinda’ gal! We just watch ‘Desperate Housewives,’ missed episodes of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ and ‘Brothers and Sisters.’ And sometimes, while I’m shoving canned goods to the side or debating over various kinds of fruit salsa (aloud), I receive invitations or dates from strange men! Come to think of it, it’s not a bad dating scam! hahaha … Sometimes I think it’s just simply smiling and looking inviting … or it could be just the Heels!

Here are some heels in which to try this scenario …

Carlos by Carlos Santana Prestige in Grafite


I love high heels, sweets, and anything that sparkles!


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  2. suleika   •  

    Love it Densie! And of course it’s you sugar puddin’ but the heels certainly don’t hurt. Work it.

  3. soko   •  

    Heck Yeah! I luv it, It’s funny and so true… It’s cliche, but it works every time… I find myself wearing my heels while I’m out picking up a few goodies, and not so much in other settings when heels are probalby more appropriate… The men luv it, and my feet don’t mind it either… win win scenario!

  4. Jai   •  

    I love those shoes they are very versatile! Great way to pick up guys at the supermarket. Definitely not a scam but more of a “right plac right time” kind of thing!

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