10 Hot Heel Brands of 2008

Looking back over 2008, we put together this list as a combination of our top selling and top requested shoe brands from the past year. One thing is sure, the celebrity shoe designs are hotter than ever, with Jessica Simpson, Gwen Stefani and Paris Hilton all placing well. And some of the classic labels are still as popular as ever.

1. Jessica Simpson Shoes are some of our favorites at Heels.com. We love her shoes, featuring simple, sophisticated lines colored by her personal style. Whether you are looking for dressy pumps or Western-inspired boots, you will find a pair of shoes you will love in the Jessica Simpson shoe line.

Express yourself with Jessica Simpson shoes from Heels.com

2. L.A.M.B. Shoes are from the mind of acclaimed icon Gwen Stefani. Here comes a brand new fashion shoe line Harajuku Lovers and the fashion conscience will adore. L.A.M.B. shoes brings you chic fashion inspired by Tokyo street style and European sophistication, L.A.M.B. is one shoe brand you won’t want to miss.

Find Gwen’s shoe line L.A.M.B. at Heels.com

3. Guess Footwear is one of today’s most popular shoe brands. Guess’ sleek collection of Women’s Shoes and heels are always edgy and stylish. Guess’ fresh designs continually set them apart from other designer shoe brands. Wear Guess shoes today, stand out tomorrow.

Always find Guess at Heels.com

4. BCBGirls is a youthful, energetic brand. From relaxed shapes to unexpected details, BCBGirls is on the forefront of fashion, creating of-the-moment looks that are playful yet easy to wear. Providing casual yet cool options for day and weekend, at competitive young-contemporary prices, BCBGirls Shoes make stylish footwear more accessible to more women. She has fun with her wardrobe, and is consistently setting trends with her style.

Shop BCBG at Heels.com

5. Steve Madden In the women’s footwear industry the name Steve Madden is synonymous with trendsetting. This womens shoe brand leads the pack with its sexy silhouettes and fine lines. Steve Madden is a must have brand for any shoe connoisseur young or old.

Find the best shoes from Steve Madden at Heels.com

6. Chinese Laundry stepped out in 1981 with a collection of fashion forward footwear targeted to the young womenโ€™s market. For its remarkable ability to deliver on lifestyle and lead with trend, Chinese Laundry shoes have attracted the attention of numerous celebrities. Chinese Laundry’s funky styles and affordable prices make them one of our favorite brands.

Buy Chinese Laundry shoes at Heels.com

7. Report Signature shoes are one of our favorite shoe brands at Heels.com. Report Signature is a unique combination of haute couture design, playful energetic lines and sexy elements creating a super stylish shoe. And we are not alon in liking Report, it is also a celeb favorite, supported by the likes of the Kardashians, the Girls Next Door, and even #8 on the list, Paris Hilton.

Shop, with confidence, for Report Signature

8. Paris Hilton Shoes Do you ever wish you could walk in the shoes of Paris Hilton? Now you can, Paris Hilton has a new line of women’s shoes that are made for a billiontress but are priced affordable for all of us. Paris Hilton shoes are designed with Paris’ persona in mind sweet, and feminine, yet sexy and trendy.

Find Paris Hilton Shoes at Heels.com

9. Betsy Johnson is a famous fashion designer best known for feminine and whimsical shoe designs. She has designed for celebrities like Sarah McLachlan, Minnie Driver, Salma Hayek, and Courtney Love; Heels.com is now bringing her high-quality, top-notch shoes to you!

Shop Betsy Johnson shoes at Heels.com

10. Frye Shoes and Boots are known for their high quality and lasting style, a solid reputation of comfort, versatility, and quality. As the oldest shoe company n the USA, Frye Shoes are rich in American Culture and are worn by American Icons.

Buy Frye from the Heels.com shoe website today

How would you rank your favorite women’s shoe brands? Is your favorite not on the list? Are you a Naughty Monkey or JLo Shoes fan? Two shoes that barely missed the top ten. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Have I mentioned lately that I love you guys. Well, I do.


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    April 6, 2009 at 3:25 pm (7 years ago)

    i need some really high heels

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