How Do You Spell Shoe Lover?

Typeface design is an underappreciated art and can be quite difficult. Creating a font made out of high heels? Now that is impressive. We had to feature this cool typeface design by Zumra Waheed. These high heels are the result of a project for her letterforms and calligraphy class. This would make for great conversation art.

High Heel typeface

 “experiment with different styles and forms however it turned out harder than I had expected …definitely hard to fit certain letter forms into the dynamic shapes of shoes. “O” for example… For which I settled with taking out an element of the shoe, which was a shoe strap, then shaped it as an ‘O’ just so that something else would not look too out of shape.” – Zumra

Nice job Zumra. Now if we can just get her to do one with shoes we sell?


  1. Ashe Mischief   •  

    Never has the alphabet looked more like a piece of art!

  2. Da Vinci   •  

    wow this is too cool

  3. Julia   •  

    love it! I wish I could do that with handbags!

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