It Ain’t So–Heel’s Charmed Dagger!

Celina CLIWAF008 – Blue, Rock and Republic, $274.99, FREE 2nd Day Shipping!.

Tell me “it ain’t so!” This heel is charmed with a dagger! Though, smooth and round enough to Not be a weapon; a sharp resemblance of a dagger sure catches the eye and nails danger to the taste! I love that it’s on a pump, showing femininity with it’s rounded-toe. It’s suede so to express a charming aura. And the contrast is a dagger. Tell me you don’t like it? I’ll tell you, “it ain’t so!”

I love high heels, sweets, and anything that sparkles!


  1. Mrs. Marlow   •  

    I’m so loving the blue suede, Ayyyy!!!

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