Let Me Drill You About My Love For Espadrilles

While some may argue that the official shoe of Summer is either the flip flop or the sandal, I have to offer a rebuttal and go with the espadrille. What screams warm sun, cool breezes and a fabulous pedicure, more than those wedged rope heels.

You can get open toed espadrilles or close toed. You can get a heel with only an inch or two, or ones with three or more. There are slingback espadrilles and ankle strapped espadrilles. There is a whole world of espadrilles out there, just waiting for you to discover it!

Luckily I have brought it forth to you and made it easier for you to realize how absolutely perfect the espadrille is to have during the Summer season. They look like perfection with denim skirts, capris and shorts. The rope heel gives a vintage and rustic look when aside denim. This allows you to wear a comfortable and cool look all through Summer.


How sweet are these Mia Rose Wedge Espadrilles? Matched up with a short denim skirt and you have a cute farmer girl meets LA diva look going on.



Or pair these Hollywould Callie Wedge Espadrilles up with a wide leg pair of denim jeans. You can still appear elegant with the gold tone, but casual with the smaller wedge and slip-on appeal.

If you already know how great the espadrille is, then I say “whoo-hoo” to you, but for all of those out there that were either clueless or hesitant to make the commitment with an espadrille. Now is your time. Summer is only a few weeks away, so start scoping out your espadrille options now. FYI: Heels.com features pages of the riveting rope wonders!

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