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Do you love creating looks and outfits? Or do you have trouble with what goes with what?


Either way, Polyvore is the place for you. It’s a social community where users create “sets” – the user has control over what products go into the set so it can be whatever they want. It’s certainly easy to become a Polyvore Addict! Many people wonder, what is the obsession? Well, I explained, using Polyvore is like Fantasy Football for fashion!

If you love creating outfits you can make as many sets as you can dream up! Then join groups and take on challenges. You can also make new friends by commenting on other users sets.

If you are not so great at putting together an outfit, Polyvore can be a great inspirational tool. You can just browse through sets to get inspired, or you can start with what you already have. For example, lets say you have a great pair of shoes that you really love. We will use the BCBGirls Amonia heel in Natural as an example (I love this shoe!).

So on Polyvore, you can search by item and once you find the item you want, you will see a screen like this:


You can then browse through all the sets that include the item and get inspired!


Click on the individual sets to get a closer view, find out what products they used (and where you can buy them!), and to comment on the set.


You can even sort by store – so if you are looking for cool things from say,, you can search by that as well and then see all the products and all the outfits people have made using products from the store.

Do any of you use Polyvore?

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