My Name Is Maximus

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the movie Gladiator, yet designers continue to be inspired by the Roman fighters’ detailed footwear. Gladiator shoes come in all shapes and sizes, from flats, to heels, to shoes that lace half way up the calf. Choose metallic tones or neutral shades to get the most wear out of these trendy but practical shoes. The appropriately named “Battle Sandal” by Carlos Santana is available for $97.99 at The central rings, metallic side straps, and thin wooden heel provide a fancier take on the Gladiator trend, as these shoes are more suited for a night out than daytime wear.

Here are the front and side views of the Carlos by Carlos Santana Battle Sandal:




  1. jane hallett   •  

    please can you let me know how much these shoes are. Do you have other designs. We have prom dress shops in U.K

  2. Tracy   •  

    The shoes are $97.99 at (97.99 US Dollar = 63.58858 Euro ) Other designs can be found at the website I would suggest you click on the silver color square to find shoes that might match your dress. Good luck!

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