Yeah. This might as well be me.  On a flirtatious day.
Yeah. This might as well be me. On a flirtatious day.

It’s a pajamas kind of day. It’s sweater weather. Tonight, I am wearing matching bra and panties. Everyone knows what those statements mean, am I right? Often times, we elaborate on the weather or our moods by the type of outfit we slip into in the morning (or in the case of pajamas, never slip out of). This got me thinking: Wouldn’t using our shoe choice of the day just as easily, if not more efficiently, project to the world your point of view on any given day?

Some days, boring old adjectives just won’t do the trick. No matter what I do to articulate how sexy I feel, how aggravated I am, no humdrum, yellow emoticon on any social networking site can do it justice.

It’s Monday today, and when I got to work, I am confident all seven levels of Hades broke loose. My morning consisted of about 3% my work and 97% of fixing everyone else’s mistakes. The phone was ringing off the hook and my inbox was swamped with menial tasks crowding my already overflowing plate. My mood? Boots – specifically those made for walkin‘.

This weekend, a misty rain came over our fair city and temperatures dropped as we watched our beloved Carolina Panthers choke by epic proportions against the Arizona Cardinals. Sitting on the couch, eating fantastic football food, staying warm for the pending bonfire with friends, there was a certain comfortable and durable, fur-lined type of aura.

Some shoes are chosen out of necessity, some because of the statement you’ll make. Not only can your shoes emit a certain attitude, I believe they can dictate it as well.

Going out with the girls to dance off some of the week’s frustrations? Ready for some strong cosmopolitans and the formation of a guy-free circle around your purses on the dance floor? As tired as you might be, nothing will get you in the right mood like a glittery platform heel, sparkling back at you in the ladies’ room mirror. (Just be wary of too many cosmos, you might twist an ankle, and that isn’t fun for anybody.)

Whether you’re purposefully walking the outlet malls for sales in comfy flats type of weather, or trying to make a statement with a flirty open-toe sandal that says “I might like a kiss on the first date, but I’m not going home with you, player”, you are projecting a certain mindset about what is going to happen up in this piece. Your footwear is your billboard to the people you come in contact with; the welcome mat, the caution light, or God forbid, the stop sign.

Whether you like it or not, your shoe decision is your declaration to the world. Make it a bold one.

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