Become A Street-Style Star

JMTF2275  Everyone knows that street style is all about standing out these days! Yet, despite everyone aiming to be “different” and “unique,” there is always a handful of items we end up seeing over and over again. These items are quickly becoming the must-have pieces of the moment!

Here Are The 5 Key Pieces You Must Own:

Leather Jacket – A leather jacket will forever be a street style staple. This piece can go with just about anything and adds a little edginess to your outfits. A leather jacket is a must-have in order to become a street style star! Don’t be afraid to invest some extra bucks in this piece, think of quality and consider the length of time you will have this staple in your wardrobe. The jacket only gets better as great leather becomes softer and suppler over the years. These jackets are not going out of style any time soon, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the purchase, you absolutely won’t regret it!

Lace-Up Heels – This trend is back, and it’s here to stay! These fabulous heels are definitely street style worthy! They are so sexy and very comfortable. These shoes are hot, super versatile and will go with just about anything! Whether you are dressed up or dressed down, you can find a pair of lace-up heels that always polish your look. Check out our collection of lace-up heels at!

Distressed Denim – You can never go wrong with a pair of distressed denim jeans. Not only are they chic and comfortable, they’re very versatile too. You can pair them with a leather jacket and toughen up the look or go full on feminine and pair the jeans with a floaty floral blouse. The style options are endless. Roll them to the ankles and pair them with lace-up heels, booties, or flats. Add a statement necklace to top off your fabulous look and you’ll instantly transform into a street style star!

Signature Accessories – Polish off your look with a statement necklace and a statement ring! If it’s chilly outside complete your look with a neutral colored beanie and an oversized matching scarf.

‘It’ Bag – Last but not least is the ‘It’ bag! We will forever love an oversized bag, why you ask? A beautiful bag always makes a major statement. Not only is it functional but very fashionable as well. Try purchasing a leather hand bag in either a nude or black hue. This way your new accessory will easily pair with all your outfits. The luxurious leather bag can amp up your style game quick, taking your outfit from drab to fab with total ease!

Viola! You’re a street style star! F.Y.I – “Street Style has become just as major as the runway shows themselves.”- WhoWhatWear


How To Rock The Lace-Up Trend

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5 Ways to Style Lace-Up Heels:

Want to wear a pair of heels that are both fashionable and comfortable? Well the search is over, lace-up heels are equally both. This style has been around for over a decade now and is still managing to steal the spotlight! One of the main reasons being that lace-ups are versatile; you can style them with a dressy look or wear them with distressed denim to create an interesting contrast. You can easily pair them with anything and they will give that so-so outfit you’re wearing an instant boost of sophistication and style. If one shoe can step up your style game this season, it’s this one. From denim to dresses, work outfits or party looks, the lace-up has you covered! Here are 5 ways to style this trend!

1. If you’re going for a more casual look, whether you’re walking downtown or even just running to the grocery store, you should opt for a pair of lace-up sandals! These stylish shoes will amp up your outfit in no time, yet still keep it a little casual and relaxed. A pair of  ‘Jakki’ Aldo lace-up sandals would go perfectly with some skinny jeans and a swingy blouse. Add a structured clutch to polish up your look.

2. The Steve Madden ‘Freemee’ ankle boots are killer. Whether worn in olive or black nubuck, these shoes are so chic it’s hard not to wear them all the time! We love these peep-toe booties because they go great with a pair of skinny jeans, an oversized cardigan or coat, and a cozy blanket scarf!  This outfit is both stylish and comfortable!

3. Why wouldn’t you want to try this style at work? These fashionable yet comfortable heels are a must-have this spring! Try pairing the Liliana ‘Flight’ with white ankle pants, a printed blouse, and bold colored blazer to make you look flawless from head to toe.

4. Going for a more edgy look? We suggest you whip out your leather! These Nelly Bernal ‘Giovanni’ lace-up heels are definitely street style worthy! Put these bad boys on with a pair of faux leather pants, white t- shirt, leather jacket and a large satchel and you’ll be ready for a night on the town!

5. Spring and summer are right around the corner, so it won’t be much longer until you’re pulling out those jean shorts and skirts again! A helpful tip to elongate legs is choosing a nude colored shoe – this will make your legs seem as if they go on for miles! Check out the Liliana ‘Medusa’ gladiator sandal, they pair well with your favorite jean shorts! Top the look off with a denim button up and statement necklace.



Ways to prevent foot pain when wearing high heels

“My Feet Hurt.”

    There’s no doubt about it, wearing high heels can turn an outfit from bore to ADORE in two seconds flat. But at the end of the day, are you limping around in pain after kicking off your heels? Foot pain is a common occurrence in women that wear high heels. If not taken care of early, it can lead to serious problems and injuries later on in life.

    Here are a few daily stretches and exercises that you can do to prevent foot pain:

Use your hand to gently pull back on toes, or press ball of foot against a wall until stretch is felt throughout arch/bottom of the foot.

Hold 30 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times on each foot.

How does this help? This stretch helps lengthen the plantar fascia that runs along the bottom of your foot. It’s job to help maintain the natural arch in your foot.

Prevention-post1 (1)

Stand near a wall and place one foot behind you. Keeping your back foot facing forward and your knee straight, lean in towards the wall until a stretch is felt in the back of your lower leg.

Hold 30 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times on each leg.

Then, perform the same stretch, but this time slightly bend the back knee, keeping your heel on the floor. This will stretch the deeper calf muscle.

Hold 30 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times on each leg.

How does this help? This stretches the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in your calf. When you wear high heels, these muscles are placed in a shortened position so it’s important to stretch them.


Sit in a chair and place a small towel under your foot. Use your toes to scrunch up the towel, pulling it closer to you. Keep repeating until you reach the end of the towel. This exercise is best done on wood or tile floor to help the towel slide.

Repeat 5 times on each foot.

How does this help? This helps to strengthen the muscles that hold up the arch in your foot. If they are weak, your arch may drop, causing pain.

Prevention-post2 (1)

Place a tennis ball or golf ball under your foot. Gently press your foot down on it until it is slightly uncomfortable and then slowly move your foot back and forth, massaging from your heel to toes.

Start with 1 minute on each foot, trying to work your way up to 2-3 minutes per foot.

How does this help? This massage (although it may not feel good at the time) actually helps to stretch the plantar fascia. This stretch is great to do especially if you are already suffering from plantar fasciitis or heel pain. You may even freeze a water bottle and use it to perform the same movement to help ease pain.

And finally, make sure you are wearing shoes that fit you properly. Things to look for when trying on high heels:

-A wide toe box. Your toes should have a little room to wiggle and it shouldn’t feel like they are crammed together in the shoe.

-Make sure there’s a little space behind the heel and that the shoe is not digging into the back of your heel.

-Arch support. Whether you have high arches or completely flat feet, the arch in the shoe should fit comfortably under your arch without being painful.

Looking good doesn’t have to be painful. By following these stretching and strengthening guidelines, you are on your way to healthy and happy feet.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR- Ashlynn Bryson is a licensed physical therapist and former member of the US trampoline and tumbling team. She has won numerous national titles and helped Team USA earn a silver medal at the 2005 Trampoline and Tumbling World Championships. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and two dogs.

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