sale /se?l/


1. the act of selling.
2. a quantity sold.
3. opportunity to sell; demand: slow sale.
4. a special disposal of goods, as at reduced prices.

The definition of sale, from dictionary.com

My favorite thing in the world . . . a sale!!

My second favorite thing in the world . . . shoes!!

Together — heaven.

Heels.com has now made it easier to find the sale shoes. They have added sale pages by brand.

Oh my!

It is now so simple to find the nicest shoes . . . on sale.

Be still my heart.

From the Naughty Monkey sale page:

The Houndstooth pump Crossize - Black I have been coveting.

From the Jessica Simpson sale page:

The Josette Heel Josette Heel - Saddle one my wish list for a bit.

So hard to choose, but now so much easier for the diva on a budget!

Thanks Heels.com!

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