Sarah Palin and The Red Shoes

Politics aside — everyone agrees Sarah Palin has great taste in shoes!

All about the Internet the buzz is about her shoes.

Many of the shoe blogs are identifying these acceptance shoes as Apepazza Musa or Naughty Monkey.

There seems to be a controversy and not in the political arena?

Are these Apepazza Musa or Naughty Monkey?

Just so you shoe lovers will know the facts:

We sold our Governor a pair of red Double Dare Naughty Monkey shoes a couple of weeks ago. She just wore those shoes as John McCain announced Governor Sarah Palin from Alaska as his vice president running mate. Although not everyone agrees with her politics, everyone can agree that she wears “sexy shoes.”

Sydney Mitchell
Shoefly Inc.
DBA: Shoefly + Hudsons
109 Seward Street
Juneau, AK 99801


  1. Jay   •  

    As a lover of high heels on sexy women, i am happy that we could possibly have 4 years of milfy Sarah Palin as VP. 4 years of admiring her great legs and sexy heels…

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  4. pop   •  

    nice legs love em toes

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