One of the best times I can recall, was being in college and going on “spring break.” It didn’t matter if it was to Florida, Mexico or beyond, as long as I was getting away from the books and dismally cold weather up north.

If you are lucky enough to be spending a week in the sun, whether you are in college or not, you are going to need to begin a checklist of the necessary footwear for this trip. I will save you the melodrama and actually make a brief list for you myself!

Item #1 : Flip Flopszbcbg043_main

You are going to be spending an awful lot of your daytime in a basic flip flop. Whether it’s poolside or on the beach, you want something that is comfortable, versatile and works best with water. Make it bright, bold and adorable, like with this Magnolia Jelly Sandal from BCBGirls.

Item #2 : Casual Sandalszssm027_main

If you are opting to go for a laid back evening (laid back on spring break, what?!), maybe just dinner and a show, you’re going to want something a little less subdued than your usual 4 inch party heels. Steve by Steve Madden’s Laplaya Sandals are a sunshiney way to relax. The loud yellow color also works well with a variety of sundresses.

Item #3 : Party Heelszcd029_main

What would spring break be without the endless partying? You are probably going to need more than one pair of party heels, but here’s one to get you started. Skip the lifeless forms of black leather pumps. Instead shimmer and shine, and dance the night away, in these Bracelet Heels by Charles David.

Item # 4: The Tag-Along zbv001_main

Spring break is made for the pedicure. You live to give your little piggies wiggle room this time of year, but it isn’t a bad idea to bring along with you, a pair of closed toe shoes, as well. Tropical regions tend to get rain here and there, and nobody wants you to leave your feet out in the cold, wet weather. These Betsey Johnson Viva Flats are a pretty pink color, perfect for spring break wardrobes, but also function as a convenient slip-on shoe, for when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Now unless you are the most simple minded in fashion sense I have ever met, you’re probably going to need to times each item on this list, at least once. I know that a shoe fashionista as myself would never get along with only 4 pairs of shoes during spring break. However, it can be done! We hope this sits as a nice starting point for all you lucky spring breakers out there. Bon voyage and be safe!

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