Spring Prints from Heels.com

Joe's Jeans Erika II - Blue White

Mix up your look this spring with a powerful printed pump. With a multitude of options available right now, it’s hard not to find a graphic design to literally fall head over heels for. Adding a pattern instantly adds some edge to your ensemble and sets you apart from everyone else.

Play up your less than exciting work wardrobe with a dash of prints or add some zeal to your favorite jeans to take your every day style from dull to daring. From Taylor Says to Privileged, you’ll be sure to make an impact with these powerful prints from Heels.com:

Privileged Kitt in Taupe
Taylor Says Farrah in Gold
Taylor Says Pop in Yellow and Black
JustFab Zia in Black and White
Joe’s Jeans Erika in Blue and White
Penny Sue Morocco in Black Fuchsia
Steve Madden Marlenee in Floral

Michelle has a passion for fashion and all things glamorous and at only 5'1", you'll be hard pressed to find her in anything but heels! By day, Michelle serves the public as an urban designer, but in her spare time you can catch her blogging, shopping, or running the beautiful streets of the Queen City.

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