Style Me: Beach Wedding

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous beach wedding? I know I do and I can’t wait for my friend’s wedding in Sea Island, Georgia! I enjoy the essence of the fresh air, white sand, beautiful sunsets, and relaxed vibe with my honey while celebrating the most romantic day in someone’s life. Beach weddings are known for being easier to plan and cheaper to pay for – perfect if you’re on a budget and looking for less headache. Simple and elegant is definitely the way to go. On your wedding day you want to look your absolute best while being as comfortable as possible so I have put together a few of my favorite comfy chic options for you to try! I’ve also threw in a few sexy styles that are sure to make your new hubby GA GA. Be sure to check out all wedding styles in the Wedding Trends section!

Beach Wedding Style

Below are a few options to try if you’re changing into a hot party dress for the reception or need something to spice up your wedding night… so go ahead and enjoy being a beautiful mermaid for the day!

After Hours Heels

Style Me: Traditional Wedding

Ladies, it’s wedding season! Heavy planning, designing, and looking your best is what’s on the brain for many of us. The O.G. of weddings is the traditional wedding style. One may think it’s the easiest to plan just because you simply do what’s common. However, creativity has to come into play and this is where some of us get stumped!

You’ve chosen the dress, now what?! Pick out the sexy accessories you’re going to wear the day of the wedding. From jewelry to shoes to lingerie you need to plan what to wear during these magical moments. Many traditional brides go for elegant diamond earrings with a bracelet and necklace to match (maybe with something blue sapphires included), a little white negligee, and bright white heels, such as the Badgley Mischka Pearson in white satin. For a higher lift and a little more sass on your big day try the Badgley Mischka Cleone in white satin with a 4.5″ heel & a 1″ platform. The gorgeous silhouette on the David Tutera Winter White heels will be unforgettable. These three are just a few of my picks and there are so many great brands to try … start looking now!

Try not to stress and enjoy the journey of wedding planning!

Badgley Mischka & Traditional Weddings