Brand to Love: Blink

Looking for a fashion focused and price conscious brand to complete your shoe collection? Look no further than Blink, sister brand of popular Bronx shoes.  The Blink brand is known for the sneaker pumps, Blink is so much more than sneakers. Whether you are looking for a glittered pump or a colorful wedge, Blink will become your go to brand for fabulous footwear. Don’t Blink or these sassy styles might sell out. 


Blink Bryliee in Blue


Blink Nicolet in Platinum Heavy Glitter


Blink Simonii in Emerald Green


Blink Baileyy in Flame Patent


Blink Dijaa in Fluorescent Pink

Costume and Heels

Do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween? I know many of you are out there shopping for last minute costumes. I’ve ran into YOU everywhere, from Morris Costumes to Wal-Mart. Fear of being the same ghoul at the party? Here are some costume-heel pairings that should break up the monotony of your costume against all others. These shoes are too cute for accidents, so protect them at all costs.  If you’re not into costumes, like myself, then skip to the bottom for Eyes Wide Shut inspired masks. “Trick or treat!!”

Sexy Police Officer Outfit


Bronx Mar Lin Monrow Boot


Jester Costume


Jessica Simpson Acadia Heels

jessica simpson acadia heel

When I think of Halloween, I think Eyes Wide Shut … I’m decorating my mask, but I prefer one of these …

Eyes Wide Shut Necklace

eyes wide shut necklace

Nasone Mask


Harlequin Cat Mask

6 gatto kre

Oro Mask


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