Last Minute Halloween Needs

I love a great Halloween party but planning one can be quite a handful. Have you went down the list yet? Food, decorations, seating, games, music, drinks & alcohol? Check! But wait, don’t forget about yourself! Makeup? Purse? Costume? Heels? I’m assuming with all of this party planning you still need to complete your Halloween costume. Try brands like Iron Fist, Michael Antonio, Luichiny for your Halloween style! While you’re at it, check out these last minute necessities and fun costume ideas!

Halloween Costume Idea
Clueless Halloween Style

Spooky Shoes


It’s almost time for Heeloween – see what I did there? Are you ready? We’re super excited for this holiday! Getting to play dress up and become something totally opposite of yourself while going to awesome parties is the ultimate fun! I don’t want to give any secrets away but let’s just say I may or may not be going as one of the main characters from a favorite new movie of mine! Shop with us for all of your spooky dress code needs! From sexy sailor to bombshell baller we have you covered.

Are You Ready?
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