Brand News: Shelly’s of London

You are blowing my mind

Shellys of London is sure to turn your head with these eye catching styles and pops of color! Shellys London captures of-the-moment style by being at the heart of cultural and social movements as they intersect with fashion.

Shellys has been around London since the late 1940s and combines expert craftsmanship with innovative design. Shellys was the very first brand to introduce platform shoes and Chelsea boots to the women of London in the ’60s; the exclusive supplier of footwear for pivotal Mod band The Jam in the late ’70s; and the trailblazing collaborator with designers Katherine Hamnett, John Richmond, Vivienne Westwood and Jean-Paul Gaultier in the ’80s. With each new decade, Shellys London led the charge as an enduring name in on-point avant-garde style.

Shellys offers carefully curated footwear that’s designed for the girl who colors outside the lines. Always with an eye to the latest and greatest movements in music, art and fashion, Shellys London is about connecting the dots between personal style and the trends that capture the spirit of today. Don’t miss out on grabbing one of these signature styles from Shellys of London on!

Shellys of London Teddy in Taupe
Shellys of London Brandin 28 in Tan Suede
Shellys of London Carson in Brown
Shellys of London Serena in Navy
Shellys of London Spike Green

Buckles & Whistles

What is it about the mary jane that has cemented its style in shoe history?  It’s often the first footwear of a girl, adorning the feet of babies and small children.  Along the saddle shoe, it accompanies school girls through their education.  And even as grown women, we still can’t seem to let go of the style.

I’m loving the modern interpretation of the mary jane that’s come out recently– her multi-strapped sister.  There’s something a bit sexier, a bit naughtier about the multi-strapped mary jane. Bonus points if one of those straps is an ankle strap…

Boutique 9 Alanna

Hale Bob Mum

Nine West’s Cascada

I own this heel, and I love it. The subtle shine, the double buckle, the metal trimmed heel. Now if the snow would go away so I can wear them…

Is anyone else in love with this style?

I Pledge Allegiance To My Shoes…

Inauguration Day is a day of many things for many different people. It can be your hope, your pride, your happiness, your acceptance or just the day we get a new President. No matter what kind of day you make January 20th, it’s still going to the day that President elect Barack Obama is sworn into be our 44th President. Where will you be when history is made in Washington D.C?

If you are lucky enough to have scored tickets to this monumental occasion, I am incredibly jealous! However, whether or not you are going to witness this history in the making via your own two eyes or via a camera, satellite and television, you should still look your All-American best! We have found some very patriotic and white house worthy duds for your feet.

Volunteering on January 20th might leave you stuck on your feet for long periods of time. That is why we highly recommend you pursue a flat shoe. Try this Sam Edelman Farrah Flat on for size. The royal blue patent leather and red stitching make you look like a real Uncle Sam!


There will surely be lots of after celebrations to ring in our new 44th President. Be sure that your footwear is as regal as the rest of your look. Go glam and sophisticated in these Lottie Maryjanes by Vince Camuto. The satiny finish and petite peep toe will gladly accompany any gown at this year’s ball.


However, if you’re looking for something to rival first lady taste, than we suggest this Daizy Heel by L.A.M.B. The taupe shade not only remains as a neutral and traditional color, but the buckle adds a little bit of professionalism we think. With that said, the 4 1/4 inch heel spices things up a bit in all that seriousness.


All these gorgeous shoes give new meaning to “America The Beautiful,” don’t ya think?