Modern Vintage

A New Take On A Classic

Leave it to a brand named “Modern Vintage” to completely update the classic pump. The “Zulma” heel should win awards for the practical colors, innovative style, and comfortable heel. The beige leather is accentuated by a gold leather trimmed front, while the back contains the same gold leather in the form of a slingback. The textured gold band in the back truly transforms this shoe without taking away any of the charm of the classic pump.


$224.99 at

Summer Work Shoes

So what if you can’t wear flip flops to the office? makes it easy to keep your summer work shoes comfortable without sacrificing style. Choose from a variety of metallic flats, fancy sandals, or simple heels. Light colors and brushed metallics will blend perfectly into your summer wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to add a punch of color here and there to brighten up your summer work suits. It will instantly give you that fresh look to transition some of your fall skirts into spring.


Ancourt flat by Modern Vintage, $169.99 at


Enchanted flat by Poetic Licence, $76.99 at

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