The gifts have been unwrapped, the ornaments have been packed, and the tree has been taken from the curbside. The constant cheer, humming house guests, glitz and glitter have all disappeared and reality is starting to sink in as everyone treks back to the office.

Are the post holiday blues getting you down? Just because your new year’s resolution involves a diet doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to help turn that frown upside down. Try a stunning sapphire stiletto to brighten up your mood and pack a punch to your pre-spring wardrobe! Play up a neutral sheath for work by adding a bold blue hued heel or brighten up your weekend wear. Whatever you do, start your year off on the right foot with these fashionable blue hued choices from

Shoe Republic LA Ruru in Blue
ZiGi Soho Saige in Blue Suede
Privileged Surrender in Royal Blue
Privileged Denmark in Royal Blue
Jessica Simpson Cambredge in Blue Violet
Steve Madden Dyvurse in Blue Suede