Chug A Lug

lug soles graphic

Lug soles are an easy way to get a rugged and edgy look. Distressed boots to fresh feminine pumps are getting the lug treatment. Don’t worry about slipping up in these treaded styles, your confident strut will stay flawless and firmly on the ground! This trendy accent will create a bold touch to all your favorite outfits. So stand out from the crowd and hear the compliments roll in with a hot new lug look!

Lug Soles

Hot New Brand: LFL

LFL Image

We’re excited to debut a new brand that has hit the site that we absolutely love! LFL is an edgy and unique brand with a lot of attitude. Their style embraces ¬†bold colors, intricate details, and just plain beauty. Whether you love stilettos, pumps, or sandals LFL has a pair that will have you walking away with a new confidence! Check out the new styles and find your favorite jaw-dropping look!

LFL pic

Obsession of the Week is Marnie from Girls

Girls Marnie

Let me be the first to say I have a love/hate relationship with Marnie from Girls. She is gorgeous and super smart. However, her choice in men (and her friends men and men in current other relationships) really show her character in a different light, but she is the character you want to see succeed and become stable. Marnie¬†floats from all sorts of careers and relationship changes, leaving her unstable and sometimes a bit flaky. But let’s be honest, one thing that always remains consistent is that Marnie has an amazing fashion sense, and for that we adore her! It’s one of my favorite things about her. She wears bright happy colors, floral prints, and killer heels. Marnie goes for classic styles, with a pop of excitement.

Girls Marnie 2