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Sportswear For Any Girl

Workout Wear 2

For me sportswear is an important part of my workout, a motivator if you will. I like to think the better I dress, the better I feel, the harder I workout and quicker I see results. It’s not the worst motto to live by, so I stick with it. I’ve created my own personal style for workout wear and lately I’ve tried to branch out and try others. Some shoes work better than others for running vs. boxing so go with what works best for you. I hope you like my faves and this gives you a new wave of encouragement to set those goals and stick with them! What’s your favorite workout style?

Winter Workout Wear

Brand Spotlight: BCBGeneration

BCBG image

BCBGeneration is the brand to turn to when you’re looking to find shoes that are spunky and unique. This brand combines their unique youthful colors with classic designs to create shoes with a style all their own. Whether you are looking for a casual boot, sneaker wedge, or sexy heel BCBGeneration will keep you looking your best. We’re always getting new styles so check them out and find your favorite for work, play, or just because!


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