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DAY When wearing black heels during the day, you want to steer clear of thick straps and extreme heel height. Honestly, the more minimal the better when it comes to black heels during the day. I always think that a thin ankle strap is the way to go. When the feet look bare you can pair the heels with distressed denim, patterns and light layers for cooler weather. If you have a heavier heel you usually would style your look more minimal, less clothing, body hugging and with simple patterns.

NIGHT When styling your nighttime outfit, always be a little bit bolder. Choose a black heel that has an intricate pattern, like a gladiator style or cage heel. This will amp up your look and you can impress your friends with your styling tricks. Choose your outfit based around the heels. Try wearing a simple black dress or if you feel a bit more adventurous try a dress with a bright, bold pattern.


Pick The Best Boots For Your Body Type

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Have you ever wondered how to pull off a certain type of boot but didn’t know how to wear it or what to pair it with? We’ll here at Heels.com we believe its important to find the right type of boot for your body type. The trick to getting it: finding the one boot that works best for your body type

STEP 1. Find your body type

The two most important characteristics to consider before you decide which boot is best are your height and your body shape. These features are very important to identify before you try to choose a certain type of boot for your body.

HOURGLASS -When your body measurements are proportional around the hips and bust, while having a small or narrow waist line.

INVERTED TRIANGLE -Your body measures wider at the upper part from bust, to shoulders, while having a flat waist line and narrower hips, or you gain weight faster around the bust area.

PEAR or TRIANGLE -Your body measures bigger around the hips, thighs and rear area, and you gain weight at these places easily, while having a smaller waist, bust and shoulders.

RECTANGLE -If you find your hips, waist, bust and shoulders are equal in measures, and you gain weight around the stomach and your whole body equally, with no defined curve lines then you are defined as rectangular.

APPLE -Your body gains weight around the midsection (that is the stomach, waistline and rear), and face, and you have bigger measurements from the waist and up to your shoulders, with smaller hips and slimmer legs.

STEP 2. How to Pick the right boots


This type of Boot is one of my absolute favorites and is extremely versatile. This boot can be worn to different types of occasions and are extremely practical and comfortable. They also can be worn by different body types whether your, curvy and tall or petite and short. The only tip is if you are short you must wear pants in the same hue as the boot giving the illusion of longer legs. If you don’t follow this tip the boots can end up making you look shorter.


These boots accentuate the thin body type. They will add a great amount of volume to your ankles and calves balancing out your thin frame. It adds sexy curves and gives the illusion of a more curvaceous figure and gives you a more feminine look.


These boots are perfect for woman with curvy figures. Especially if you have a more pear shaped body you will appreciate the effect of the knee high boots. For a more classic sophisticated look you would want to choose a boot with a higher heel. For a more casual feel you may choose a flat boot paired with skinny denim or leggings.


These specific type of boot were made for tall and slender woman who would like to add a bit more edge to their look. Shorter woman should avoid this type of boot because it will appear shorter than usual and if you are curvy this boot will emphasize your body type. This boot looks great with a mini dress or chunky knit and skinny jeans.



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Aimee Song from Song of Style is unstoppable. Not only does she have an incredibly successful blog but also she just started her very own casual tee shirt line, Two Songs with her sister Dani. The lines motto is “Be the best version of yourself.” The future is bright for these two and we can’t wait to see what they conquer in the fashion world next!


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