The Evolution Of The Personal Shopper (And The Search For Block Heels)





By guest blogger Tracy.


With online shopping drawing more and more customers, popular shopping websites are trying to one-up each other with convenience and service. Many sites offer online chatting. Bergdorf Goodman even offers a 24 hour instant message service for those 2 a.m. shoppers wondering if the newest pair of Prada pumps runs half a size small. In the mix of service-devoted websites is, whose online site revolutionizes the method of finding the perfect shoe. The website makes shoe shopping truly fun—or more fun than it already is—by providing a range of details from heel type to color that the customer can select in order to narrow down the impressive inventory.


The other day I played around with the tools while searching for block heels. The block heel seems like the perfect alternative to a platform shoe, since it is comfortable and can transition easily from long days at work to a night out. I had seen the block heel style showcased in a few designers’ collections, but wanted to find something more timeless than Yves St. Laurent’s bold wooden heel that will scream “last season” when worn in a few months. As soon as I selected “block heels” from among 25 different style options at, the site immediately showed over 20 different shoes with that heel type. I could also narrow the search down further based on size, color, and brand. In the end, I found two great options to share with you: the Marc Jacobs pump that will work with almost all of my work outfits, and the Cindy Says “Addison” pump, a more stylized shoe, for a little added flair.


YSL pump:



Marc Jacobs pump:


Cindy Says pump:


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